About Us

We are Climate Conduit, founded in 2023. Our passion for environmental sustainability meets the belief that Education + Employment = Empowerment in the face of the climate crisis.

At Climate Conduit, we envision a world where informed individuals are empowered to address the root causes of environmental challenges. We recognize that global warming is a symptom, not a result, of our current system of abundance and overproduction.

We aim to connect individuals and groups with the insights needed to navigate and comprehend the multifaceted challenges that contribute to the environmental crisis.

It is with this framework that we believe education is the catalyst for meaningful action. Armed with knowledge, individuals can become agents of change in addressing the root causes of climate change. Unfortunately, too many people have been misinformed about the causes and potential impacts of a more sustainable future, and we believe that, even in spite of the issues of overshoot, there are opportunities for all to improve their standard of living in a sustainable way.

Global warming is not an isolated issue; it is a symptom of broader systemic problems. We assert that the current model of abundance and overproduction is at the heart of the environmental crisis. By acknowledging this fundamental connection, we aim to reshape perspectives and foster a paradigm shift towards sustainable practices that respect our planet’s boundaries.

Empowerment is the linchpin of our approach. We strive to empower individuals and groups to transcend the limits of traditional thinking, to question the status quo, and to actively contribute to solutions. Climate Conduit is your partner in the journey toward a sustainable future where actions are aligned with the understanding that knowledge brings. We recognize that the people who have contributed the least to the climate crisis, both in the United States and abroad, are also the ones who will face the most impacts from a warming planet, and thus equity and justice must be at the forefront of our responses to the crises at hand.

Climate Conduit is steadfast in its commitment to connecting comprehensive education, fostering awareness, and promoting actionable steps toward sustainability. Join us in the collective effort to address the root causes of the environmental crisis, as we work together to create a world where Education + Employment = Empowerment, and leads to a lasting and positive impact.