About the Author

Hello, I’m Andrew Grigg, and welcome to Climate Conduit! I founded this website in 2023 after enough reading, listening and writing about different weather events, climate impacts and future scenarios that I believed it was time to get my own research, opinions, and thoughts out there.

I’ve been interested in weather and climate since I was a young child, and remember the blizzard of Jan 2. 1999 like it was yesterday, despite being only 7 at the time. I would always watch the Weather Channel’s Storm Stories and read Tom Skilling in the Chicago Tribune, even asking him once why weather patterns influenced aches and pains.

I have never stopped loving the natural world and wanting to learn about how everything fits together. To that end, I have completed master’s degrees in GIS and Environmental Science, and become well versed in policy and current research on climate mitigation and resilience strategies. My master’s project, “Examining the Urban Heat Island Effect in the Chicago Metropolitan Region Using Geographic Information Systems,” is a culmination of my GIS expertise applied to a real-world environmental challenge.

I founded this website because I believe that the current crises that we face are manageable, and that a better future is possible if people understand what is at stake. To that end, I want this website to act as a conduit, hence the name, towards education and opportunity in the sustainability field. In addition to education, connecting people to employment resources both inside and outside the climate space is essential as well, as when people are empowered, they can do great things, and that includes all of us.

Feel free to reach out to me via climateconduit@gmail.com or send a message through our contact form!