How rare and extreme are 80 degree dewpoints in Chicago?

As hot as it was yesterday and today, the really crazy part of this two-day heat wave has been the humidity associated with it. Chicago’s first 100 degree temperature since 2012 occurred today, but an even more rare temperature occurred yesterday, and that was the 80 degree dew point. View of the Kennedy Expressway and Skyline of Chicago, Illinois, United […]

How Climate Change Is Making Mosquitos More Annoying And Dangerous

Mosquitos are one of the most hated insects in the world. They bite, they buzz, they itch, and they can transmit diseases. And as the planet warms, they are becoming more of a problem for humans. According to a recent report by Climate Central, a non-profit news organization, Chicago had 26 more โ€œmosquito daysโ€ in 2022 than it did in […]

Pinhook, Missouri (1927-2011): A Black Ghost Town Destroyed by Environmental Racism

Image: Steve Zumwalt/FEMA via Vox Magazine. Pinhook, Missouri, a small town situated approximately 8 miles west of the Mississippi River, holds a significant place in history as a black community founded by sharecroppers in 1927. Due to limited options for settlement from white landowners refusing to sell their land, these determined individuals settled in low-lying land that would later prove perilous […]

When Weather Changed Railroad History: The Story of the Overseas Railroad

The Overseas Railroad was spanned over 156 miles and connected mainland Florida to Key West, a chain of islands at the southernmost tip of the state in an absolute marvel of engineering. The railroad was constructed in the early 1900s by theย Florida East Coast Railwayย (FEC) and was completed in 1912, after years of grueling labor and numerous setbacks. (Right of […]